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Stilo Wants Drastic Height Increases. Public Hearing April 18th and 19th to debate zoning change impacting all properties in town

March 22, 2017

Tusayan is thinking about increasing allowable building heights for the entire town to 65 feet. That includes commercial as well as residential. Right now the maximum height is 45 feet. The change could make six story buildings a common sight in a town known for its vistas and open spaces.

Planning and Zoning will hear the idea on April 18th at 6pm at the Town Hall. The Town Council will meet April 19th at 6pm to hear the issue and act on it. This change represents a substantial revision into the way Tusayan is zoned.

The request comes from Stilo. The Italian conglomerate behind a massive and controversial development project wants the Town of Tusayan to change zoning to suit its needs. Mayor Craig Sanderson says it's part of the deal Stilo struck when it gave Tusayan 20 acres at 10X for affordable housing. Much of that land is in a flood plain.

Mayor Sanderson said, "The concept was is that you can't move out because of our relationship with the Forest Service that is hindering any future development. The future of the Town would then be restricted within the confines of where we are and therefore any future development or existing development that wants to grow would need to grow upward."

Sanderson points out the Town is only obligated to consider changing the height rule; it's not obligated to approve it.

The Town is also seeking comments. Here is how to contact Town Hall.

Office: 928-638-9909
Town Manager: Eric Duthie tusayantownmanager@gmail.com
Town Clerk: Melissa M. Drake tusayanclerk@gmail.com