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Tusayan Town Council Says It Needs A Break

May 10, 2017

 The Tusayan Town Council is changing its meeting schedule and will hold meetings once a month instead of twice a month. Since incorporation meetings have been held on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. Meetings will now be held on the second Wednesdays of the month at 6pm.

Councilman Al Montoya said, “To me the number of meetings is not as important as the production of the meetings. If it’s a productive meeting that to me is my focus. I have issues with rehashing history. I have issues with redundancy, with dragging something out. It’s not for anybody’s benefit other than for someone trying to make a point that’s been established already.” 

The new policy starts in June.

If it appears a meeting is going to be extensive, Montoya proposed starting a meeting at 5pm rather than 6pm, although that would be on a case by case basis.

This comes on the heels of calls to limit public comment to three minutes per speaker. Councilman David Chavez said there should be some latitude given to speakers.

Mayor Sanderson agreed. He said, “There is definitely room moving forward to give the presenter an idea that we want to cap their time. If they need more time maybe five minutes or ten minutes we need to start with something short so they can get their primary points out and we can move on.”