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Ten X Update: Flood Plain Creates Challenges

May 24, 2017

 A site plan for the Ten X affordable housing project continues to be a challenge because so much of the land Stilo gave Tusayan is in a flood plain.

Matt Cawley with Westland Resources presented the Tusayan Town Council with options. In order to have the maximum 70 homes on 20 acres, smaller casita style homes would have to be used. 

 If the plan were exclusively single family homes, the site could only handle about 40 homes.

The consensus from the council is provide a mix of housing options, including casitas, single family homes, and even apartment style homes.

Stilo gave the Town 20 acres for affordable housing in exchange for zoning that would allow the Italian developer to build three million square feet of commercial space and thousands of homes.

In doing so, Stilo has kept the prime real estate for itself. Tusayan is left with the rugged terrain of Ten X, much of which sits in a flood plain. Tusayan has the OK from Stilo to build the first 20 homes right now. The other 50 are tied to how the commercial development progresses at Camper Village, if it progresses at all.