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Public Safety Update

May 24, 2017

 Finding a permanent resident deputy for the Town of Tusayan has not been easy for the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office.

Lt. Brian Tozer recently updated the Town Council. 

He says housing is not a primary impediment, but rather it’s a matter of demographics. Many of the deputies are in their 20’s and others have established families. Neither group would be likely to relocate to such a rural part of the county.

Tozer is seeking a deputy that’s a little older than someone in their early 20’s.  Another challenge is that there is no ‘remote duty’ pay available for relocating to Tusayan. 

Tusayan’s Fire District is staying above water thanks to the $325,000 a year subsidy it receives from the Town. Fire Chief Greg Brush thanked the council for its past support and is hopeful that support will continue. Last year the department fielded 319 calls. 209 were medical calls. Only 93 were out of the district. That number may come down. High Country Fire Rescue, based near Williams, is now responding to more calls in the Valle area.

Chief Brush continues to seek grant money where possible.

Right now the department has 10 staff members and eight volunteers. The goal is to have three first responders on duty every shift.

Brush told the council, “I can’t thank you enough for what you did last year.”  Despite the level of detail in the report, Councilman Al Montoya told Chief Brush to prepare a more detailed written budget presentation.