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Tusayan Council Guts Town Park Funding

July 20, 2017

The Town Council has approved a tentative budget that guts the town park and beefs up the housing project at ten X.

Councilman Al Montoya’s previous calls to drastically cut funds for the Tusayan Town Park found allies with the other members of the Council, with the exception of Mayor Craig Sanderson.

Originally $5.3 million was set aside for the Town Park. $4 million was also set aside for the affordable housing project at 10X which would address 20 homes at first and eventually 62 in total. 

This plan would have resulted in a deficit of about $3 million which would have been offset by the town selling off some of the millions in CD’s it holds in reserve.

Mayor Craig Sanderson tried repeatedly to save the funds for the park. He pointed out that the park would benefit the entire community especially children. Plans called for a baseball field, a track, and a soccer/football field. Despite his efforts those plans will remain a field of dreams.

Montoya said the park does not hold the same value to him as the housing does. “I’m reluctant to spend that amount of money for minimal returns.”

In the end the council decided to set aside $1 million for the park and bulk up the housing budget to $6.8 million. Again that’s for a project that would initially serve 20 homes and eventually serve 62 homes. The vote was unanimous.

The Town Council  also voted unanimously to pay members of the Town’s Planning and Zoning Commission. The fee will be $100 per meeting per member. The Town council has been receiving payments for several years.


 There have been two votes on the same item. the council meeting on July 12th had to be repeated on July 21st because the agenda  had not been posted on the Town of Tusayan website.