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Tusayan Gets Ready To Do Battle With The Forest Service

July 22, 2017

 The Town Council is also setting aside $140,000 to cover legal fees that may arise over disputes with the Forest Service. After the US Forest Service turned down the Town’s controversial request for Forest Service road access to make way for the Stilo development at Kotzin, members of the Town Council have been hoping to find some sympathetic members of congress.

Councilman John Schoppmann and Town Manager Eric Duthie recently travelled to Washington DC seeking support for the Stilo road access issue. They also expressed displeasure with the Forest Service which turned down the Kotzin road access after the Federal Government receiving more than 200,000 letters and emails opposing such access.

Despite the massive public opposition, the Town still feels the Forest service should have ruled in the Town’s favor. Duthie said, “We have been able to identify to senators and across the country to what we perceive as the unfair return of the Forest Service application the roadway application. There was a lot of shock, and raised eyebrows.”