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Havasupai Tribe Joins Sierra Club in Opposing 10X Annexation

September 27, 2011

By Mike Scerbo

Add the Havasupai Tribal Council to the growing list of opponents to the Stilo land use plan. At the September 21st Town Council meeting members of the Tribal Council delivered the news in person. They worry that Stilo’s annexation of the 10X property and its land use plan could bring thousands of new residents to the area and dry up the water supply. They also worry Stilo’s plans will forever scar a pristine landscape that serves as the gateway to the Grand Canyon.
Havasupai Council Member Carletta Tilousi was the first to speak up, “We were not consulted in this process…We are also concerned about the groundwater source that the future developers are going to pursue…on behalf of the Havasupai Tribe we are against this proposed annexation.”
Tribal Council member Tim Uqualla added,” Show me the water, that’s our main concern is where you’re getting your water from and that it will not conflict with our springs below…do not try to beautify the horizon. It’s good the way it is.”
Tribal Council Member Don E. Watahomigie is very concerned that Stilo’s plans will leave the Havasupai without water and drive wildlife from the region, “Water is the main issue here and in the 10X annexation area we have sites there that need to be protected.”
The Tribal Council joins the Sierra Club in opposing the land use plan.  In fact during the two public hearings on the issue, no one has spoken in favor of the 10X annexation.
Tusayan resident Marjorie Woodruff summed it up, “I question if there is enough water in the area to support a development of this scope.  I have worked in a number of resort towns and I worry Tusayan will go the way of Vail and Sedona to the point where people who work here will not be able to live here and they will be commuting from Valle.”