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Preparations Underway For Building Height Election

September 14, 2017

 Ballots for Prop 400 will be mailed October 11th as Tusayan residents decide whether building height limits should increase from three stories to six stories. The request was made by Italian developer Stilo and granted by the Town Council. A petition drive gathered enough signatures to bring the question to the voters. The election card notices were mailed in August to 282 Tusayan registered voters. 32 of them were returned for various reasons. There are four ballot arguments submitted for the height increase and six filed against. The last day to register to vote for this election is October 10.

The ballots need to be completed and mailed to the Coconino County Elections office so they arrive before 7pm on November the 7th. There is another option, the ballots can be hand delivered to the Coconino County elections office only on the day of the election November 7th. They can also be hand delivered to Town Hall in Tusayan. The Town Clerk will be in her office to handle any hand delivered ballots.