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Tusayan Building Heights Now before Voters

October 19, 2017

 Tusayan should know after November 7th whether Italian developer Stilo will get its way and see building heights increase from 35 to 65 feet. Mail in ballots have been sent out on Proposition 400.  A no vote will prevent this increase in building heights which critics claim would destroy the town's wide open spaces. Stilo is making a full court press to get this measure approved by the voters including announcements on Facebook. The President of Stilo and its local representative have filed ballot statements in support as have Tusayan’s Mayor and a member of planning and zoning. Both of them work for Stilo’s business partner Elling Halvorson. Opposition is coming from residents and business leaders concerned about the permanent damage the taller buildings would do to Tusayan’s landscapes and dark skies. Here is a link to the statements. 

Both sides are also reminding voters to cast votes with road signs. The pro 400 crowd has apparently spent a tidy sum on professionally printed signs while those opposing prop 400 took a grass roots approach. The pro 400 side apparently forgot about ADOT right of way rules in posting signs along highway 64. It;s also worth noting that a number of councilmembers and P and Z commissioners are allowing pro 400 signs to be placed in front of properties they manage.

The Grand Canyon National Park has expressed concern as has the Sierra Club.

Mail in ballots have to be returned to the Coconino County elections office before November 7th. The ballots can also be hand delivered to Tusayan Town Hall on Election Day. That collection will be supervised by Coconino County. The Town plays no role in the process.