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Pro 400 Signs Violating Sign Placement Rules

October 25, 2017

Signs for the yes on 400 campaign went up last week. Many of them were placed on the ADOT right of way on Highway 64.  That’s against the rules. Despite a complaint being made, enforcement has yet to happen. The pro 400 signs remain up despite the violation.

The signs have a disclaimer indicating they were funded by Tusayan's Future, a pro Stilo PAC. The Chair of that PAC Janet Rosener, is a member of Tusayan's Planning and Zoning Commission.

Ms. Rosener responded to our inquiry and said the problem had been taken care of but as of October 27th, the signs are still in the right of way. 

The signs against prop 400 may be a little harder to see. That's because those signs were placed legally and outside of the ADOT right of way.

It's not as if the Prop 400 forces don't know any better. Many of the signs in violation are placed next to many of the businesses and properties managed by members of the Tusayan Town Council and the Planning Commission.