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Why Stilo Wants To Control The Sanitary District

September 29, 2014

Fire Chief Robert Evans and businesswoman Yvonne Trujillo are both seeking re-election to the Tusayan Sanitary District. Both have proven track records of putting the community first. Newcomer Robb Baldosky is the challenger. Baldosky has a different track record. He has been Stilo's general contractor for Camper Village and has been the subject of controversy before. His role on the Camper Village construction fiasco is well documented as the homes were built in a floodplain, there were other code issues and at one point construction had to be halted. There were also serious issues with the appearance of the homes. Here is a link to an article that appeared in the Watchdog in January. Here is a picture of his work.

Baldosky stands to make a tidy profit if Stilo's controversial development moves ahead. If he gets on the Sanitary District, he has the opportunity to influence the development. That's because the Sanitary District has critical authority with respect to expansion of the wastewater system. The District also owns the utility right of way along Long Jim Loop Road. That means Stilo would have to go through the District in order to gets its controversial road to Kotzin which is opposed by the School Board.

Stilo has already placed its candidates on the Town Council. It remains to be seen if it can intimidate voters enough to control the Sanitary District.